Monday, January 29, 2007

The Power of the Market Place
Here is a brillant article by Rich Collins.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union: one of hope or defeatism

When Sec. Gates went over to Iraq and spoke with the troops, he received one consistent message...We are undermanned.
I am disgusted by the Webb/Biden democrat party opposition to the requests of the troops on the ground for more soldiers. We tried the Iraqify the war approach. Yet the people who campaigned that we need change want to stay the course.

We need more American troops to provide order and security for at least 6 months to give these guys a chance to train. You can't train in full battle.Wwouldn't train our troops that way (we tried it in WW1 with disastrous results.), and it is wrong to train theirs that way.

The Dems want either to stay the course in Iraq or cut and run. Bush, Gates, and the troops want to win. We have a new commander who is exercising a strategy consistent with classic military doctrine. It is his request and not some dream President Bush had in the middle of the night. Play politics with the stuff at home not the lives of my brothers and sisters in arms.

I love my many Democrat friends, but I am so disgusted with their party. It has less leadership than a girl scout troop invited to a gang fight. They run around scared of the world. I think it is because they honestly don't understand the importance of victory.

In my father's war (WW2), the country was suffering loss after loss. We saw our allies fall like cornstalks in an hailstorm. We were defeated on our own soil in Peril Harbor. We had a very small army about the size of one division while our rivals could field a million men any where in Europe. We lost the Philippines and had to send a sub to rescue our greatest general. What did we do? We decided to do whatever it took to win.

Doolittle did the impossible raid and America took heart. The whole country went to war. Now we are allowing factories to shut down while there was not enough capacity to armor humvees. We complain about how much the war costs and are allowing equipment to wear out. We suffer some set backs this year and we want to pull out instead of step up to the challenge. We want to claim the badge of patriotism while not respecting the sacrifice of those who died (we need to live the love we feel for this land).

Yes, I am disgusted with the Demagogic party. They are playing off of our worst inclinations instead of calling out our best determination. They are the party of fear and helplessness. They always find reasons why we can't instead of following those who are willing to win.

President Bush on the other hand is a true leader. He has vision and determination. He is a winner. Winners don't quit when they take a hit; they fight harder. I am so proud to have voted for him and worked for his election and reelection. I thank God everyday for GWB being our President.

We shall prevail. We have the troops, the training, the money, and I hope the will. Unlike WW2, we have not suffered a single defeat on the battlefield. We have suffered a low level of casualties. We have harmed the enemy gravely. How tradgic that we would even speak out loud of abandoning those we pledged to help. Where is our honor? I was always taught that you die before you lose your honor. Honor above all else. My father lived that way and he died that way. I will do the same and so will my children. Those are the values of the American Military and they need to be the values of the American people again.

That is the difference between now and WW2. We did not want to please those trying to enslave us. Honor was a basic value.
I wish we had chosen to secure that golden mosque ourselves. That was a turning point for the worst, but it can change just as quickly. That is the nature of war.

Leaving can be done anytime so let's do it victoriously.

David Anderson

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"Congress shall make no law respecting .... to petition the government for a redress of there grievances", says the first amendment. So why do the new guys in Congress want so mightily to attack grassroots lobbyists? For all the talk about listening to the People, this Congress seems dedicated to muzzling us.

Here is what the radical ACLU thinks about the efforts of their normal allies.

When National Right to Life and the ACLU agree on something, I pay attention. Some Congressmen got caught with their hands in the cookie jar so restrict normal people getting information about what is going on in Washington. Sounds logical. Not. Just get rid of earmarks and mke people put their pork in the old fashion way. Then enforce the laws we already have. The problem is not that we need new ethics rules. The problem is that Congress allowed itself to lose accountability by not having names attached to spending line items. That opens itself to corruption. The Democrat approach is to use ethics reforms to insulate themselves further from the public.

Contact your federal officials and tell them to keep this effort dead. ( Would that statement be illegal?) There are attempts to revive this in the House.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Safe and Legal???

From a letter by Gary G. Kreep Executive Director of the U. S. Justice Foundation

Recently the new pro-life owners of a former abortion center saw that a refrigerator in the building held worse than spoiled food. A pull on the chrome door handle also brought into view the chilling sight of dead babies.
Though ghastly enough, that isn’t the nastiest of what authorities and the new owners saw at the Wichita, Kansas, abortion center.
Thick splatters of blood horrifyingly were visible on walls from floor to ceiling, ghostly glowing bright blue as room after room was sprayed with the tell-tale chemical luminal.
The tour discovered other horrific, unclean conditions as well -- including out-of-code electrical wiring and plumbing, broken ceilings and evidence of roach and rodent infestations.
These violations of health regulations and human decency weren’t exposed until a pro-life organization purchased the abortion mill with the intent to put it out of business. But the filth was obvious long before the sale was final.
All along, authorities had refused to look into the facility. The Governor of Kansas even vetoed legislation calling for inspections that would make sure abortion centers meet basic minimum standards.
Please Help USJF Fight AuthoritiesWho Refuse to Do Their Duty.Click Here
Cutting corners out of greed, abortion mills are used to running above the law all across America, operating in shocking conditions wrong for any business, let alone a medical facility.
And authorities are letting them!
But not for much longer!
As you know, health and safety codes for medical facilities apply to abortion clinics around the country. At least they should. But in reality all too often codes and ordinances aren’t applied to abortionists.
Hospitals and normal medical clinics don’t get a free pass, so the American public mistakenly thinks someone must be keeping an eye on abortion providers.
Will that someone be you? It will be if you find it in your heart to support the U.S. Justice Foundation.
You see, whenever officials can be convinced to look, violations abound:
In New Jersey, authorities found the Pleasant Women’s Pavilion was improperly disposing of its “medical waste” -– flushing mangled dead bodies of unborn children down a toilet.
When a Birmingham, AL, abortion mill was caught red handed causing a still birth by using the dangerous RU 486 drug to abort a late-term pregnancy, state officials had to take a closer look. They were shocked by “egregious lapses in care, including non-physicians performing abortions, severely underestimating the gestational age of a fetus, failure to appropriately refer or treat a patient with a dangerously elevated blood pressure, and performing an abortion on a late-term pregnancy.”
Months after a doctor had his license revoked by the State of Florida for botching a series of abortions, a check of a Tallahassee abortion mill found him busy on staff. Not only that, but officials discovered the abortion facility “failed to take the appropriate basic steps to protect the health and safety of the people it serves.”
It’s obvious this money-minded industry can’t be bothered by rules and regulations -– not as long as the law isn’t enforced.
Abortion Mills Must Be Closed!!!Click Here
Cursory checkups show abortion mills frequently are guilty of using unqualified personnel. The Tallahassee clinic, for instance, also employed an unlicensed anesthesiologist.
Members of the media, who toured the Kansas abortion clinic, vocally confirmed the filthy conditions, but after viewing the shoddy out-of-code plumbing and utilities, did the reporters write any extensive articles? Did they detail the disgusting lack of cleanliness or the many problems patients had faced? In a word, NO.
Media silence, as I’m sure you know, encourages abortionists to laugh at the rules and arrogantly operate outlaw establishments. Just as bad, however, are apathetic officials who, for whatever reason, don’t want to open up the disgusting can of worms that is the profit-driven abortion industry.
Abortion is wrong! But while still legally allowed to operate their evil art, abortionists must be held accountable when they violate the law. They must be forced to stop hiding substandard conditions and immoral reporting policies. They must face the legal consequences of their outlaw attitudes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 22, 1973 is a day of National Shame.

January 22, 1973 is the day the United States Supreme Court initiated an American Catastrophe of judicial proportions. Blackmun and company decided to crucify 1/3 of a generation on the cross of choice.

My friends, January 22, 1973 was not merely a day in which the death sentence was farmed out to professional hit men disguised as doctors. It was the day we choose a new god. In 1962 we tossed the true and living God out of the public square. Acknowledging Him used to be considered essential to good education, that day it became psychologically damaging and oppressive. To fill the void, we had to find a new god. That god was our judgment. We could choose whatever we want. We controlled our lives not some higher being somewhere out there.

The ultimate proof was that we could choose to abandon our own Constitutional precedence and find out the emanations of the penumbras of the 14th amendment a right to determine who is human. We determined who had rights not some god.

The result has been devastating. 45 million beating hearts were snuffed out over the last 34 years some in indescribable cruelty. Human pesticide is being marketed without even a prescription (don't even bother me with having to look someone in the eye) and called emergency contraceptive.

Scientists are being given tax money to experiment on the youngest of humans to find cures for the rest of us. This high tech cannibalism does not end there. They are starting to clone and genetically engineer human beings and their is a ruling which could allow those humans to be patentable property.

The gates of hell were opened that day and our values seem to be sucked down to the pit. Child abuse soared, families collapsed, murder soared, rape climbed, schools became war zones, and America suffered humiliation in Viet Nam and a disgraced Presidency. The once great manufacturing giant loses jobs everyday. The social safety net of social security misses the very citizens who could save it. We have become confused on even the definition of marriage or even what is -is.

We have denied God and he has denied us. It is time we fall on our knees and apologize to our maker. We need to get back to "in GOD is our trust" as the third verse of national anthem exhorts us. He is merciful and will even forgive us for this gravest of crimes against human dignity.

I encourage everyone to attend the rally for Life Friday @ noon in Downtown Wilmington at Rodney Square.

Don't confuse Reporting with Endorsing.

I think the 2008 Presidential Primary in Delaware is less than a year away and of great importance. If we wait much longer we will be behind the curve. I will be giving information on various candidates and some analysis. When I am reporting on an event, I may not add commentary and if I do it will be clearly indicated. Some have confused my reporting on the Rudy event as leaning toward an endorsement. No WAY. He favors the allowing the killing of millions of unborn children. That is a deal breaker. He also does not favor the defense of marriage and the 2nd amendment rights of individuals.

I think it is important for us to understand why someone who the Liberal Party of NY endorsed 3 times is a viable for the GOP Presidential nomination. We can't stop him if we don't understand his appeal.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

There is a new Taxpayer watchdog in town. I am pleased to announce the reformation of STOP--Stop overTaxing Our People. It is liked to this fine site. Many fine people will help represent the interest of taxpayers in this state. Every special interest has someone, except the hardworking, taxpayer. I am delighted to be a part and I hope you will as well.

America's Mayor Comes to Delaware

Rudy Giuliani wrote this century's book on leadership and in person he exudes it. He brings an optimistic view of American exceptionalism to a nation mired in the wartime blues. His message was stop worrying, there is a brighter future; follow me. They told me New York was ungovernable; we made it a model. We revived the economy, made it safe, and revived its spirit. They say America is headed on the wrong track and their is a spirit of pessimism. It is time to bring an American renewal of economy, culture, and spirit.

We need to be a party that looks to the future and solves problems not just restates them. I see a country where our future is better than our past. We will grow economically and spiritually. I see a government that can work (overcoming the problems shown with Katrina). We need a sense of optimism about ourselves. America's ideas and ideals have been the most successful in the history of the world.

He had more to say and I will get back to the mayor later. Stay tuned. (Expect more reports on other Presidential contenders, as I said of Mitt Romney these are not endorsements).

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Will we do the Islamic extremists work for them?

The Islamic extremists are well funded and hardworking. Their goal is to persuade, intimidate, and gain traction in the Moslem communities around the world. Some in this country say that there are no Moslem moderates and that every Moslem must be viewed with suspicion. The Islamic extremists don't agree or else they would not spend so much effort propogandizing and intimidating Moslems who do not hold their world view.

They say to the moderates that you cannot live in peace with those people because they are out to get you and destroy your right to worship freely. They hate your religion. They hate you. In the middle east such propaganda has more traction because most people do not know any Americans. In Europe it has more traction because most Europeans seem to hate all religion and tradition. The fastest growing parties are rabidly anti-immigrant.

In the U.S. we have not given them a lot to work with. America is open to all who want to work hard and play by the rules. It is our way.

The best way we can fight Islamic radicalism is by radical love. Love your neighbor as the Lord taught. You sow love and you will reap love.

You sow the wind of hatred and you will reap the whirlwind.

The best way to "radicalize" American Islam is to exclude Moslems who want to part of the American mainstream. If they don't know us, they will be more subject to a lie. Segregation is poison, but not just those we intend it for, but those who administrate it.

Here is an example of some of the attitudes which concern me.
Radio Hoax Exposes Anti-Muslim Sentiment in U.S.

By Bernd Debusmann, Reuters

WASHINGTON (Dec. 1) -- When radio host Jerry Klein suggested that all Muslims in the United States should be identified with a crescent-shape tattoo or a distinctive arm band, the phone lines jammed instantly.

The first caller to the station in Washington said that Klein must be "off his rocker." The second congratulated him and added: "Not only do you tattoo them in the middle of their forehead but you ship them out of this country ... they are here to kill us."

Another said that tattoos, armbands and other identifying markers such as crescent marks on driver's licenses, passports and birth certificates did not go far enough.

"What good is identifying them?" he asked. "You have to set up encampments like during World War Two with the Japanese and Germans."

As a God fearing Christian, those type of attitudes concern me. What if a future target are those born again Christians because they are intolerant (don't approve of the fad of the month) and are ignorant (don't give a blind check of faith to the elite). If one group can be targeted for the actions of the few, then none are safe.

These are the very attitudes the extremists accuse of having. When your decent Moslem guy drives down the road and hears fellow American after fellow American spout hatred and distrust of him, what should he think?

Consider this, "Love thy neighbor as you love thyself," has become a mandate of national security.

David Anderson

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anderson addresses council run in 2007.

I have been greatly encouraged by the unbelievable number of unique individuals who approach me to run again. It happens every week sometimes several times in a day. Something has changed in the public mood. I will run again, just not this time.

Like Ben Franklin, I have taken stock of my reasons for and against. I do not feel like the peoples issues are being adequately addressed. If someone wants to know the issues I am addressing, just go to the April, August, November 18, and December archives. I believe someone has to bring solutions to the table and it may as well be me.

On the side against, Mr. Salters has decided to run again. He is an icon in our community and has been gracious to me in the past. He would be difficult to defeat. The energy a such a campaign would require from each of us and our friends would be better spent working together solving the problems of the community. Oh, if it could only work that way in the real world. Maybe it can, Councilman Salters and I spoke this afternoon. We decided it would be better to work together than apart. Stay tuned.

My official statement on the record statement is this, Many wonderful people have approached me about running for city council this election cycle. I must respectfully decline this time. Mr. Reuben Salters has filed for reelection. He is an icon in our community who is deeply respected. I believe my energies would be better spent pursuing other avenues to serve my community at this time. I have called Mr. Salters and offered my support and he graciously accepted.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Presidential Primary politics are starting to touch the first state. Now that we are an early primary/caucus state, it is time we start thinking about the future leadership of our nation. I am amazed at the number of spontaneous conversations that erupt on the 2008 elections among people who normally don't talk politics in the past month. It seems like it is on everyone's mind and not just those of us who are political junkies. That is a good sign for our state. People need to take politics seriously, public policy affects our lives daily and personally. The interest rates, taxes, where we live, crime rates, and education for our children and ourselves is just a start.

My take on 2008 is that the field is not yet determined. I don't have a favorite yet in either party. I am starting to warm up to Mitt Romney, the outgoing Governor of Massachusetts.

What impresses me about Gov. Romney are three things. He has an ability to identify both problems and solutions. He has developed an ability to communicate his vision to the public beyond the consultants (he blew the lead in the Senate race because he waffled while Kennedy led.) He has a unique leadership style which takes the best of business efficiency and political savvy.

He is a man who knows when to fight and when to dine. He knows when to sit down and come up with a collaborative approach (instead of compromise), when to cut the loses, and when to stand and fight. I could give examples of each.

Healthcare, he took the best of everyone's ideas and gave everyone ownership. The same is true of education policy. The turnpike, he stood and fought for the people's interest. Putting the marriage issue on the ballot, even as a lame duck, he just rolled the intransigent Speaker with an amazing bipartisan coalition. On budget policy, facing a 10 to 1 democratic majority, he focused on what was important and compromised on the rest by getting the best deal he could.

What really impressed me was the fact he did all this in an hostile environment. He had few allies and powerful people always trying to trip him up. He developed his leadership in the fire of political war. I admire that. He may have what it takes in these troubled times.

He can unite moderates and conservatives. You moderates should be happy because he favored gay rights. Yet conservatives like myself find that mitigated because he strikes a balance of preserving family values too plus McCain and Giuliani give us worst choices. Governor Romney stood and fought for our values in an intensely hostile environment while those other guys can't even find their voice when it is popular. They both oppose a marriage protection amendment. He has been a leading advocate. He just managed to roll the speaker of the Mass. House and get the issue on the ballot even as a lame duck. I bet the new governor also did not want his term dominated by the controversy.

He is a fiscal conservative. He wants to secure the border first and solve the problem of those here (I can't wait to hear his solution).He is a moral conserative. He is strong on National Defense. He is one of the great entrepreneurs of our time. He makes sense when he speaks and looks good on TV to boot. The latter is not of great importance, but it helps in the media age.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

For good or ill Techonology is changing our lives. I like most of it. This year promises to be a banner year with Windows Vista, but 2006 was not bad either. Check out this article by Mark Kellner.

Thanks to the Washington Times for permission to repost this article.

'06 good for tech users, industryBy Mark Kellner
January 1, 2007
Overall, 2006 was a very good year for technology and computer consumers, even if there was at least one bad actor.
• Best company: Apple Computer Inc. Yes, it did it again, but this time with astonishing grace. Switching an entire product line from the Motorola/IBM-made PowerPC chip to Intel Corp.'s processors is one of the most daring, and potentially daunting, moves in a long time. The Cupertino, Calif.-based company did it with tremendous speed and performance gains.
This is a good place to mention Apple's service: For me and those I know, Apple's ability to resolve problems have left people smiling. Having solid products and superb support earn Apple a tremendous distinction in a sea of half-baked computer solutions about which there is often much wailing and gnashing of teeth.
• Best hand-helds: Palm Computing Inc., whose mastery of the phone-PDA metier is difficult to question. Its Treo device, revised in several flavors in 2006, is a wonderful, workable and dependable tool that would be better only if everyone's Web site were more mobile-accessible (some standard Web pages take a bit long to load and work).
But that's a relatively small price to pay for unencumbered excellence. I have used the device in places exotic and "regular," and it has worked well.
Palm does face a bit of a challenge from Research In Motion and its BlackBerry line, especially the Pearl. Therefore, what Palm comes up with this year should be interesting to see.
Best output: Hewlett-Packard Co.'s line of printers. Each one has been a delight, including the Officejet Pro K550, which is an impressive workhorse. Printing is something we still rely upon despite the promise of the "paperless office," which hasn't arrived in the 25 years or so it has been touted. HP's printers -- laser and inkjet -- mean business, even for the nonbusiness user.
I also am impressed by Canon USA Inc.'s line of printers, which are stylish and useful for users at home and in small offices. And Samsung USA remains a very impressive maker of laser printers for that same market segment.
Best application: It would have to be Microsoft Office 2007, even though it hasn't fully deployed in the business world yet. The new look, the elegance and the features combine to make the new Office something to reckon with in many areas. Microsoft Corp. will price this somewhat aggressively, with home and school users getting a nice price break. But regardless of price, having a "new" Office suite with which we can work is an important and valuable commodity. Having an online version of the new program is another advance for Microsoft and for users.
Runner-up in the category is Franklin Covey's PlanPlus software, both for Windows and online. This time-management tool is elegant, results-driven and, thanks to the Web, accessible to Mac and Linux users, among others.
Also praiseworthy is Herndon company Parallels Inc., whose Parallels Desktop software lets Mac and Linux users run Windows side by side.
Most needs improvement: Comcast, whose idea of customer service is, frankly, Dickensian. I've had several harrowing and annoying recent experiences, and am grateful the Federal Communications Commission has voted to increase competition for television service.
• Read Mark Kellner's Tech Blog at

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year. This will be an interesting year. My new year resolutions are to develop a TDR market. Read the Bible through again. Ramp up STOP (Stop overTaxing Our People). Organize a class reunion for KCA. Help the GOP get back to the people's concerns. Get a promotion in the Guard. Enjoy an all expenses paid trip to the middle east. Help the Church youth ministry. Inspire the kids to a deeper appreciation of learning. Help get a Delaware Jessica's law passed.