Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today is Palm Sunday. Mark 11:1-11 gives us the portrait of a crowd excited about what they believed Jesus, our Lord, was going to do. The Lord was more interested in showing them what they could do. Little did they know that he was less interested in a parade than in making disciples.

So many times we look to a leader to do something while we go about our lives. Pastor pray for us not with us. Politician solve our problems don't empower us to fulfill our own destiny. Businessman fulfill our every whim, don't give us choices. Dad or Mom take care of me, don't show me how to care for myself. Teacher give me the answers, don't teach me to research. Our Lord had none of that. His Gospel was one of commitment. Take up your cross and follow me. You speak to the mountain. You take the Gospel to the world and heal the sick. The Holy Spirit will teach you, pray for you, and empower you. He raised up preachers to equip us to do the work of the ministry. Notice, Eph. 4 said we do the work not the pastor, evangelist, prophet, teacher, or apostle. They equip us.

The true worship of God is when we have our lives transformed by him, not when we say good things about him and go on about our normal lives.

David Anderson