Saturday, January 13, 2007

America's Mayor Comes to Delaware

Rudy Giuliani wrote this century's book on leadership and in person he exudes it. He brings an optimistic view of American exceptionalism to a nation mired in the wartime blues. His message was stop worrying, there is a brighter future; follow me. They told me New York was ungovernable; we made it a model. We revived the economy, made it safe, and revived its spirit. They say America is headed on the wrong track and their is a spirit of pessimism. It is time to bring an American renewal of economy, culture, and spirit.

We need to be a party that looks to the future and solves problems not just restates them. I see a country where our future is better than our past. We will grow economically and spiritually. I see a government that can work (overcoming the problems shown with Katrina). We need a sense of optimism about ourselves. America's ideas and ideals have been the most successful in the history of the world.

He had more to say and I will get back to the mayor later. Stay tuned. (Expect more reports on other Presidential contenders, as I said of Mitt Romney these are not endorsements).


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