Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union: one of hope or defeatism

When Sec. Gates went over to Iraq and spoke with the troops, he received one consistent message...We are undermanned.
I am disgusted by the Webb/Biden democrat party opposition to the requests of the troops on the ground for more soldiers. We tried the Iraqify the war approach. Yet the people who campaigned that we need change want to stay the course.

We need more American troops to provide order and security for at least 6 months to give these guys a chance to train. You can't train in full battle.Wwouldn't train our troops that way (we tried it in WW1 with disastrous results.), and it is wrong to train theirs that way.

The Dems want either to stay the course in Iraq or cut and run. Bush, Gates, and the troops want to win. We have a new commander who is exercising a strategy consistent with classic military doctrine. It is his request and not some dream President Bush had in the middle of the night. Play politics with the stuff at home not the lives of my brothers and sisters in arms.

I love my many Democrat friends, but I am so disgusted with their party. It has less leadership than a girl scout troop invited to a gang fight. They run around scared of the world. I think it is because they honestly don't understand the importance of victory.

In my father's war (WW2), the country was suffering loss after loss. We saw our allies fall like cornstalks in an hailstorm. We were defeated on our own soil in Peril Harbor. We had a very small army about the size of one division while our rivals could field a million men any where in Europe. We lost the Philippines and had to send a sub to rescue our greatest general. What did we do? We decided to do whatever it took to win.

Doolittle did the impossible raid and America took heart. The whole country went to war. Now we are allowing factories to shut down while there was not enough capacity to armor humvees. We complain about how much the war costs and are allowing equipment to wear out. We suffer some set backs this year and we want to pull out instead of step up to the challenge. We want to claim the badge of patriotism while not respecting the sacrifice of those who died (we need to live the love we feel for this land).

Yes, I am disgusted with the Demagogic party. They are playing off of our worst inclinations instead of calling out our best determination. They are the party of fear and helplessness. They always find reasons why we can't instead of following those who are willing to win.

President Bush on the other hand is a true leader. He has vision and determination. He is a winner. Winners don't quit when they take a hit; they fight harder. I am so proud to have voted for him and worked for his election and reelection. I thank God everyday for GWB being our President.

We shall prevail. We have the troops, the training, the money, and I hope the will. Unlike WW2, we have not suffered a single defeat on the battlefield. We have suffered a low level of casualties. We have harmed the enemy gravely. How tradgic that we would even speak out loud of abandoning those we pledged to help. Where is our honor? I was always taught that you die before you lose your honor. Honor above all else. My father lived that way and he died that way. I will do the same and so will my children. Those are the values of the American Military and they need to be the values of the American people again.

That is the difference between now and WW2. We did not want to please those trying to enslave us. Honor was a basic value.
I wish we had chosen to secure that golden mosque ourselves. That was a turning point for the worst, but it can change just as quickly. That is the nature of war.

Leaving can be done anytime so let's do it victoriously.

David Anderson


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