Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am pleased to report that we are not raising your utility rates, taxes, or fees nor are we going to lay off city employees. We started with a 3.6 million dollar deficit. There were proposals to lay off 1/7 of our police force, slash almost a 1/11 of our workforce without regard to current levels of service and population increase. Another alternative relied on huge tax increases and fee hikes. The third alternative was more aimed at papering over the problems. Under new leadership in the city administration, there has been a new approach which will give us time to make long term changes.
The budget will be voted upon in our next meeting on the 27th.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to serve you. Together we will restore our city to being a model for the state.
The top priority has to be helping Dover to be open for business. I am working on several areas which will contribute to more jobs and a better business environment. There are many areas to address. First, the cost of power and new dependable sources of
power. Keeping the fuel adjustment cut in the electric rates is important for the average citizen and the job creators, Second ,we need to find new ways for small business to prosper. That is why I brought an export initiative to the attention of our great economic development office. Third, we need to make sure our city looks vibrant and open for business not filled with empty stores large and small. That is why I am supporting a tax abatement program to give credits to fill empty box stores and other initiatives for downtown. We need to keep taxes low for resident and business alike. Fourth, we need to feel secure so bringing our community police units back is a tip budget priority. Fifth, we need to streamline our permit and zoning process so that we do not have unnecessary delays in building a new business. Our planning department proposed a terrific update to our regulations.. It is elegant and efficient. It will help us become the place for business in the long run.
All of this has happened in less than two months. I look forward to much more.


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