Sunday, June 24, 2007

Apologetic no more: A defense of Social Conservatism

Those of us who believe in traditional American values are often lampooned, derided, and made out to be relics of an evil past. We are told that we are out to impose our morality on everyone else. We have no respect for liberty. We are religious zealots who need "to keep our rosaries off other people's ovaries" and other such nonsense. We are expected to stay silent when our tax money is used for things which are anathema to us while some working families among us go with out basic needs, children lack health care, and homelessness is a growing problem.

My father spent 50 years in the ministry right up to his passing. He and my mother taught me American exceptionalism, anti-communism, and traditional Christian values. Just as importantly, they taught me never to apologize for what is right. Our values are what is right and they need to be defended. Here is my defense of my 7 pillars of social conservatism. Let the debate begin.

I believe abortion on demand is the bloody slaughter of pre-born children. Therefore, I do not believe that sweeping it aside as an issue is virtuous. The abortion procedure is nothing less than brutal and the abortion pills are nothing more than human pesticide. Now if that is what I really believe, what kind of scum would I have to be to say, "I don't believe in abortion, but it is not my place to say you can't have one". I don't like coffee, but I will get you a cup. I don't like to drink anti-freeze, and I promise I will never give you a cup to drink. Abortion is anti-freeze not coffee. Every abortion stops a beating heart and sacrifices a little piece of the heart of all those involved. I have been friends with post abortive women; most would not wish the aftermath on anyone. Every abortion has three victims, the child, the mother, and the father. America can do better than defend such a travesty.

I believe that the only "gay" marriage is a happy marriage between a man and a women. Marriage is not a social construct that we recently invented to be amended by some guy in a black robe who thinks he is wiser than God. Marriage predated government, business, schools, farming, and other fine institutions. It is the very tool which civilized humanity. We tinker with it not only at our peril, but that of all future generations.

I believe that science should be subject to basic human dignity. Science is one of the greatest tools humanity has ever exploited. Like any powerful tool it can amplify our vices as well as our virtues. Destroying helpless human beings and cloning them for body parts is a objectionable as using atomic weapons as population control. We can not use our superior position in life to make the vulnerable among us some sort of slave race to be used at our whim whether it is the embryo, a disabled person, or a genetically engineered clone.

I believe God should be as much part of the public square as any one else. Ms. Murray-O'Hara gave us a religious apartide in which it became acceptable to talk about any thing in the schools but GOD. It was a censorship of traditional values which has leaked into every sphere of public life and we are paying a very heavy cost with our youth. Despair, substance abuse, domestic abuse, crime, and suicide are a way of life for too many. Families are broken. Lives are shattered. We sowed the wind of secularism and reaped the whirlwind of disenchantment.

I believe that Liberty is not license. Liberty is the freedom to fulfill one's destiny not the right to self destruct. People need to free to achieve and contribute. People need government off their backs and out of their wallets. People don't need teenagers being fed dope. We don't need drunk drivers and children who never know family.

I believe that children should be protected from the worst of humanity. The ACLU would tell us that child porn is somehow covered under freedom of speech. No WAY. The only things enduring about humanity are posterity and tradition. The attack by popular culture on are children and our tradition will destroy this country if not stopped. It is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. Yet, we are told that endless streams of violence, illicit sex, and disrespect for fellow humans should be celebrated. We do so only if we are fools.

I believe that the dignity of human spirit is the basis for civilized society. We are created in the image of God. This God who gave us life also gave us a hope for our betterment. The God who gave us life gave us liberty. When we operate within the ideal that each person has innate value, we behave better. We don't kill, steal, covet, or bare false witness (pervert the system of justice to get what we want). We love the down trodden, respect the disabled, and reach a hand out to those who are fallen. We see the best of humanity within ourselves. We have a society worthy of cherishing. That is the goal of social conservatism--can anyone debate that?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Depressing indeed: Hammer calls for troops to come home.
In a moving and touching music video which was obviously from the heart, Bush supporter and rapper Hammer called upon the President to bring the troops home. I love MC Hammer. He is an independent thinker and a voice of reason in the Pop culture. He is one of the early voices of hip hop and a man of God. The fact that he has joined the chorus to bring the troops home is indeed depressing to those of us who support the troops and the mission.

It is my lowest day as a believer in the War. It seems those of us who understand the necessity of defeating this enemy regardless of the cost are a dwindling number. I pray that General P. was not brought on too late because we only have to October 1 to show real progress on this war. Otherwise we may as well cut our losses and supply our side in the coming Iraqi civil war.

Thank God that those of us at our country's call have a commander in chief who does not wavier. He is our Lincoln and like Lincoln he needs to go about to win this war by any means necessary because the next President will not be able to.