Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anderson addresses council run in 2007.

I have been greatly encouraged by the unbelievable number of unique individuals who approach me to run again. It happens every week sometimes several times in a day. Something has changed in the public mood. I will run again, just not this time.

Like Ben Franklin, I have taken stock of my reasons for and against. I do not feel like the peoples issues are being adequately addressed. If someone wants to know the issues I am addressing, just go to the April, August, November 18, and December archives. I believe someone has to bring solutions to the table and it may as well be me.

On the side against, Mr. Salters has decided to run again. He is an icon in our community and has been gracious to me in the past. He would be difficult to defeat. The energy a such a campaign would require from each of us and our friends would be better spent working together solving the problems of the community. Oh, if it could only work that way in the real world. Maybe it can, Councilman Salters and I spoke this afternoon. We decided it would be better to work together than apart. Stay tuned.

My official statement on the record statement is this, Many wonderful people have approached me about running for city council this election cycle. I must respectfully decline this time. Mr. Reuben Salters has filed for reelection. He is an icon in our community who is deeply respected. I believe my energies would be better spent pursuing other avenues to serve my community at this time. I have called Mr. Salters and offered my support and he graciously accepted.


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