Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'll never know how much it cost to see my sins upon that cross. How true of a statement that is. As we approach the Passover, we reflect on that perfect sacrifice made once and for all. By one sin entered the world and death by sin, and by one we are reconciled to righteousness and walk in life. (Romans 5: 11-17)

When our Lord took our death upon and within him, it was an unnatural act. The resurrection and the life was made sin and death. The spiritual suffering and sacrifice exceeded the physical one. I think the reason he allowed such an inhumane execution as the cross was so we could relate to what our sins were doing on the spiritual level. The God of heaven descended into hell. The good news is that he didn't stay there. He offered up his blood in the heavenly temple for all humanity. Every sin past, present, and future was forgiven. Death was defeated.

As surely as He was partaker in our death, we shall be partaker in His Resurrection. That is what baptism is all about. We are buried by faith and resurrected in His Name. It is such a glorious thought that I cannot but help to say "Lord, here I am to worship you".

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Planned Parenthood which is the recepient of hundreds of millions of are tax dollars, apparently needs donations so badly that they took designated gifts. Gifts designated to pay to abort black babies only.

This is even more outrageous when you hear it.

Is time for us to recommit to ending the insanity of the American tax code. It inhibits our freedom, manipulates our lives, muzzles our churches, drains hundreds of billions from us just to figure out how to comply, inspires fear and loathing over inspiration, subsidies the export of our jobs, and siphons the life out of our corporations. If the British would have proposed our tax code on the founders, they wouldn’t have even bothered to send envoys to negotiate. They would have just declared the King and Parliament mad.

The tax code is corrupt. It is not based upon sound economics. It is based upon the sound made by the chatter of lobbyists. In a global economy in which other countries are migrating to simple, flat taxes, we can no longer afford this anchor on our economy.

We don’t need to reform the tax code. We need to abolish it. We need to replace it with a simple, fair tax system which encourages investment in America. We need to take the power from Washington D. C. and return it to the people.