Thursday, January 22, 2009

America is the greatest nation in two thousand years. No one nation has advanced the cause of human dignity more in that time. It is the place where human rights such as life, liberty, and universal right to own property emerged as central governing principles. It has served as a beacon to the world. Unfortunately, there have been times where we have allowed some portion of our government to undermine our core principles. One such time was the Roe v. Wade ruling.

It is bad enough that Roe pretended not to know what is self obvious in science, logic, and religion, that life begins at conception. The ruling pretended not to know when life began at all. The ruling violated legal reasoning, precedent, constitutional restraints on the federal government, the 5th and 14th amendments, and the laws of all 50 states. Even the 5 states which disgracefully declared they would close their ears to the cries of the most vulnerable of citizens, did not go as far as the runaway Burger Court.

Since Roe became case law, new technology has put a virtual window on the womb. We can see in real time and in living color the children we denied. It is time for us to come to grips with the fact that we have created an environment of callous disregard for the weakest of humans. Even worse we have opened the floodgates for human cloning and genetic engineering. We have a federal government which denies sick people marijuana to get well, but allow others fatal prescriptions to be offed in the renewed Eugenetics movement.

I disagree with the Obama Administration. There is not a specter of man made global warming hanging over America. There is the specter of abortion haunting what is left of the soul of America. There is a culture of death which is robbing us of our heritage of human dignity. There is a lawless judiciary, which is undermining the Federal Constitutional Process and amassing dangerous power unto itself. It took the greatest of global wars by launched by mad men to equal what our court accomplished January 22, 1973.

Any administration which supports the slaughter of 48 million innocents, is unworthy of the executive office. It is refusing to faithfully execute the Constitution of the United States for over a million citizens a year. Thankfully, under Republican rule, the number of abortions dropped from a high of 1.6 million to a little over a million. Unfortunately, this administration seems hell bent on reversing what little good has been done not only domestically, but globally. President Obama said he would support unconstitutional federal legislation, which would overturn the few protections the states have been allowed to establish for women such as informed consent and parental involvement laws. It seems that the administration will bend over backwards to give new rights to terrorists caught on the battlefields yet rush to spit on the graves of the unborn.

All responsible Americans must raise their voices at this crucial time. No issue defines us more as a people. No issue is more important to our national culture.