Sunday, January 21, 2007

Safe and Legal???

From a letter by Gary G. Kreep Executive Director of the U. S. Justice Foundation

Recently the new pro-life owners of a former abortion center saw that a refrigerator in the building held worse than spoiled food. A pull on the chrome door handle also brought into view the chilling sight of dead babies.
Though ghastly enough, that isn’t the nastiest of what authorities and the new owners saw at the Wichita, Kansas, abortion center.
Thick splatters of blood horrifyingly were visible on walls from floor to ceiling, ghostly glowing bright blue as room after room was sprayed with the tell-tale chemical luminal.
The tour discovered other horrific, unclean conditions as well -- including out-of-code electrical wiring and plumbing, broken ceilings and evidence of roach and rodent infestations.
These violations of health regulations and human decency weren’t exposed until a pro-life organization purchased the abortion mill with the intent to put it out of business. But the filth was obvious long before the sale was final.
All along, authorities had refused to look into the facility. The Governor of Kansas even vetoed legislation calling for inspections that would make sure abortion centers meet basic minimum standards.
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Cutting corners out of greed, abortion mills are used to running above the law all across America, operating in shocking conditions wrong for any business, let alone a medical facility.
And authorities are letting them!
But not for much longer!
As you know, health and safety codes for medical facilities apply to abortion clinics around the country. At least they should. But in reality all too often codes and ordinances aren’t applied to abortionists.
Hospitals and normal medical clinics don’t get a free pass, so the American public mistakenly thinks someone must be keeping an eye on abortion providers.
Will that someone be you? It will be if you find it in your heart to support the U.S. Justice Foundation.
You see, whenever officials can be convinced to look, violations abound:
In New Jersey, authorities found the Pleasant Women’s Pavilion was improperly disposing of its “medical waste” -– flushing mangled dead bodies of unborn children down a toilet.
When a Birmingham, AL, abortion mill was caught red handed causing a still birth by using the dangerous RU 486 drug to abort a late-term pregnancy, state officials had to take a closer look. They were shocked by “egregious lapses in care, including non-physicians performing abortions, severely underestimating the gestational age of a fetus, failure to appropriately refer or treat a patient with a dangerously elevated blood pressure, and performing an abortion on a late-term pregnancy.”
Months after a doctor had his license revoked by the State of Florida for botching a series of abortions, a check of a Tallahassee abortion mill found him busy on staff. Not only that, but officials discovered the abortion facility “failed to take the appropriate basic steps to protect the health and safety of the people it serves.”
It’s obvious this money-minded industry can’t be bothered by rules and regulations -– not as long as the law isn’t enforced.
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Cursory checkups show abortion mills frequently are guilty of using unqualified personnel. The Tallahassee clinic, for instance, also employed an unlicensed anesthesiologist.
Members of the media, who toured the Kansas abortion clinic, vocally confirmed the filthy conditions, but after viewing the shoddy out-of-code plumbing and utilities, did the reporters write any extensive articles? Did they detail the disgusting lack of cleanliness or the many problems patients had faced? In a word, NO.
Media silence, as I’m sure you know, encourages abortionists to laugh at the rules and arrogantly operate outlaw establishments. Just as bad, however, are apathetic officials who, for whatever reason, don’t want to open up the disgusting can of worms that is the profit-driven abortion industry.
Abortion is wrong! But while still legally allowed to operate their evil art, abortionists must be held accountable when they violate the law. They must be forced to stop hiding substandard conditions and immoral reporting policies. They must face the legal consequences of their outlaw attitudes.


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