Thursday, February 21, 2008

John Flynn's Dover

I disagree with him on the policy of pictures. It was misreported. The pentagon is right to let each soldier receive proper honor with their families and not have their bodies and caskets be part of a media circus.

As for his song and sentiment, Keep up the good work. May God bless the American Serviceperson.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Vote Huckabee

I can hardly wait for the opportunity to vote for Governor Mike Huckabee in the primary on Feb. 5th . He speaks of hope and optimism. He speaks of faith and family. He spent his early life building people not wealth. He is a man from mainstreet in the mode of Lincoln.

To understand Gov. Huckabee, you have to watch him. Go to his web site. He is intriguing. He relates to people and taps into the concerns of middle America. He is following the Gingrich model of Republicans winning. Speaker Gingrich points out how a member of the ruling party won in France because he was the agent of change. Governor Huckabee is a change agent even though his party is the incumbent party. He is not afraid to propose big ideas like the FAIR Tax which has recently been endorsed by 80 influential economists including Delaware’s own Eleanor Craig. He wants to challenge the status quo and focus the nation on a real energy policy not one made by the big energy corporations. He is a solid opponent of earmarks and unnecessary deficit spending (he balanced 10 budgets in a row and took the state from a deficit to a surplus). He is unabashed in his desire to move the nation back to its heritage of protecting the sanctity of Life and the very definition of marriage.

Some Republicans are uncomfortable with the idea of adjusting the appeal of the party. President Reagan had the same problem with the party. He brought “Joe Six Pack” to the country club. Reagan was right then. Huckabee is right now. The Republican party has to be the party for all of the people.

The best hope for America this year is the other man from hope.