Tuesday, January 16, 2007

January 22, 1973 is a day of National Shame.

January 22, 1973 is the day the United States Supreme Court initiated an American Catastrophe of judicial proportions. Blackmun and company decided to crucify 1/3 of a generation on the cross of choice.

My friends, January 22, 1973 was not merely a day in which the death sentence was farmed out to professional hit men disguised as doctors. It was the day we choose a new god. In 1962 we tossed the true and living God out of the public square. Acknowledging Him used to be considered essential to good education, that day it became psychologically damaging and oppressive. To fill the void, we had to find a new god. That god was our judgment. We could choose whatever we want. We controlled our lives not some higher being somewhere out there.

The ultimate proof was that we could choose to abandon our own Constitutional precedence and find out the emanations of the penumbras of the 14th amendment a right to determine who is human. We determined who had rights not some god.

The result has been devastating. 45 million beating hearts were snuffed out over the last 34 years some in indescribable cruelty. Human pesticide is being marketed without even a prescription (don't even bother me with having to look someone in the eye) and called emergency contraceptive.

Scientists are being given tax money to experiment on the youngest of humans to find cures for the rest of us. This high tech cannibalism does not end there. They are starting to clone and genetically engineer human beings and their is a ruling which could allow those humans to be patentable property.

The gates of hell were opened that day and our values seem to be sucked down to the pit. Child abuse soared, families collapsed, murder soared, rape climbed, schools became war zones, and America suffered humiliation in Viet Nam and a disgraced Presidency. The once great manufacturing giant loses jobs everyday. The social safety net of social security misses the very citizens who could save it. We have become confused on even the definition of marriage or even what is -is.

We have denied God and he has denied us. It is time we fall on our knees and apologize to our maker. We need to get back to "in GOD is our trust" as the third verse of national anthem exhorts us. He is merciful and will even forgive us for this gravest of crimes against human dignity.

I encourage everyone to attend the rally for Life Friday @ noon in Downtown Wilmington at Rodney Square. http://www.derighttolife.org/FTT.aspx


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