Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Is time for us to recommit to ending the insanity of the American tax code. It inhibits our freedom, manipulates our lives, muzzles our churches, drains hundreds of billions from us just to figure out how to comply, inspires fear and loathing over inspiration, subsidies the export of our jobs, and siphons the life out of our corporations. If the British would have proposed our tax code on the founders, they wouldn’t have even bothered to send envoys to negotiate. They would have just declared the King and Parliament mad.

The tax code is corrupt. It is not based upon sound economics. It is based upon the sound made by the chatter of lobbyists. In a global economy in which other countries are migrating to simple, flat taxes, we can no longer afford this anchor on our economy.

We don’t need to reform the tax code. We need to abolish it. We need to replace it with a simple, fair tax system which encourages investment in America. We need to take the power from Washington D. C. and return it to the people.


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