Thursday, May 03, 2007

Governor Mike Huckabee and Rep. Tom Tancredo may have launched the most significant shift in the tax debate. Stop tinkering and abolish the IRS. Replace the current broken tax code with the FAIR tax. John McCain wants a flater, fairer tax but won’t say what it is. Rep. Ron Paul wants to eliminate the income tax and restore Constitutional government. Rep. Duncan Hunter leaned toward tax reform.
Governor Gilmore just talked about the VA flat tax. Governor Romney wanted to eliminate the AMT (alternative minimum tax). Gov. Giulianii wanted to abolish the death tax and keep the level of the Bush cuts.
On Abortion and Life issues, Gilmore and especially Giuliani were out of step with the party’s position protecting life from conception through natural death.
On immigration there is a definite divide. Hunter and Tancredo are hardliners. McCain, Brownbeck not so much. The other candidates seem to take positions in between.
The war is supported by all but Rep. Ron Paul though most seem to think mistakes were made with Senator McCain saying the clearest it was mismanaged and Sen. Brownbeck being the only one to outline a new course–the 3 state federal solution.
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