Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson--a real sports hero.

60 years ago Baseball season opened a new season in life of minorities in America. A military veteran named Jackie R. Robinson was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. He became the first Black man (African American in today's parlance) to play in the Major leagues. He broke down the apartide of professional sports. Mr. Robinson was someone who refused to sit in the back of a Texas bus when he was a warrior for this country in 1944 and he refused to take a back seat to those who persecuted him in 1947.

For just doing his job he was ridiculed, spiked purposefully, hit with baseballs, and had beer bottles thrown at him. He was cursed and threatened. Yet he did his job anyway. He represented us well just like Jesse Owens in the 1933 Olympics. He made America's past time open for all Americans at the professional level. He drove a spike in the icy heart of the doctrine of separate but equal--No more separate leagues--just a merit based system of excellence.

His self control and professionalism inspired a nation whether those looking on were black and white. His character made him a hero. His athletic abilities made him a star. He proved the former mattered more.


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