Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Unspoken Threat to Human Dignity is Cloning combined with Genetic engineering.

The greatest threat to human dignity since slavery is designer people. People who are patentable property. There was a ruling which allows Human DNA alterations to be patentable. We could see in the near future humans being altered to produce multiple organs and then killed before it reaches term. This is allowed in SB 5. We heard testimony during the SB 5 debate that we are on the verge of combining human and rat DNA. That is considered an advance! Forbid it, Almighty God! We are experimenting with humans and mice, humans and pigs, and whatever else comes to the fertile mind of our Brave New World purveyors. This must be stopped.

We are opening the door to diseases currently unknown. Just as disturbing, we are inviting the dehumanizing of innocent people. We already see unprovoked attacks on the homeless. What would we think amount rat and pig modified people? Would we understand that these people are victims of our insanity and should not be vilified? Would we attempt to deprive these people of legal personhood and constitutional rights? If we do so, we would also dehumanize ourselves.

I am not against gene therapy or cloning organs. I am not against ethical stem cell research (which is the only type which currently works). I am staunchly opposed to turning the keys of the very code of humanity to those who care only about today's dollar and nothing about tomorrow's posterity.I am disgusted that no ones seems to be listening to the testimony. Too few care about protecting human dignity. Senators Charlie Copland, John Still, and Colin Bonini on the Republican side get it. Senators McBride and Bunting on the Democrat side get it. Unfortunately, we need to educate some of the fine people who don't. I think they just don't understand the future they are voting to create.

I am not surprised at the state senate vote in support of so called therapeutic cloning. Just dismayed at the dullness of attention by some of our leaders so let me us a sledgehammer.How can you consider apologizing for slavery discontinued a hundred and forty years ago (which is good) and open the door to the slavery of the 21st century with another vote. Don't you have one bit of the common sense God gave you left?

What do you think will eventually happen if you institutionalize into the law the debasement of humanity? Allowing these cloning techniques would allow these hapless embryos to be created and developed here and then shipped elsewhere to be implanted or incubated. Have you not read the bill you support? You good folks are being sold a bill of goods with no goods in the shipping box.

What is the answer? Support House bill 76. It is a bipartisan bill which guards the freedom and dignity of the human spirit. It does not affect stem cell research. It does prevent three major problems. It prohibits human cloning. It prohibits human/non-human hybrids. It prohibits the sale, donation, or transfer of a cloned human embryo, human/animal chimeric embryo or a human/human chimeric embryo.

Let me ask you. Which version of the future do you support? If you support my view that safe guarding the freedom and dignity of the human spirit must be the top priority of society, then don't shake your head and say what is the world coming too.

Stand up and be counted. Here are the sponsors of House bill 76--the cloning ban: Prime sponsors are Rep. Miro & Sen. McBride & Sen. Copeland ; Co sponsors are Reps. Spence, Lee, Atkins, Blakey, Booth, Carey, Ewing, Hocker, Lavelle, Lofink, Outten, Short, Thornburg, Brady; Sens. Bunting, Bonini, Cloutier, Simpson, Still. Is your senator or representative a sponsor? If not call or email them (go to or call (302) 739-4114 to get contact information). You can even find out who your legislator is through your county department of elections New Castle County: (302) 577-3464Kent County: (302) 739-4498Sussex County: (302) 856-5367.

The future of humanity is in your hands. No excuses are acceptable. Act today. The future will come, but we can shape it.

David Anderson


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