Sunday, April 08, 2007

The Death of American Compassion

Yet another case of a group of teens beating a homeless person is in the news. These people are being targeted just because they seem to be a good target. If they die, who will miss them, and who will care? It is time we stand up and say I care. Every human being has dignity. We did not give it. It came from God. Mankind's body is from the earth, but his spirit is from God. We are created in His image and none of us has the right to an unprovoked disregard of another's rights.

We all have the right to be secure in our persons, property, and papers according to the constitution. Not just those of us who make 6 or 7 figures. A person may have more influence because of wealth, but wealth can not buy you one shred of dignity.

I am sadden by the lack of commendation of these acts and the underground videos which show abuse of the homeless. I for one will condemn them. Let us move toward a society of compassion. I want us to forget about a person's social status and treat people like children of God. I consider it as much of a privilege to invite a homeless person over for dinner as having dinner with Senator x. That is what the scripture tells me to do.,4670,PreyingontheHomeless,00.html


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