Friday, March 09, 2007

A big cheer for International Women's Day is in order. I have often said America's original sin is racism. It is a scab blighting the otherwise beautiful American body of dignity for all. I would also add that world wide we are impoverishing ourselves by handicapping the human race by undermining the contributions of women. No wonder we cannot solve the great problems facing the human race. We are fighting with not only one hand tied behind our back, but one leg, one eye, one ear, and half our brain. Men have nothing to fear from women advancing in the world. We can benefit greatly.

The Scripture says two are better than one and a three fold cord is not easily broken. I will call therefore for men and women to join God's plan for humanity, and the three fold alliance will triumph.

I would expect this not to be one of my more controversial posts. In concept most people would agree with me. My wish is that I would see it put into action more. Men, how do you treat the women around you? Do you honor your wife, your mother, your female friends or female co-workers as equals?

I hope you are not on the wrong side of our societal hangups. Do you dismiss their ideas? Think they are more interesting as pictures because you don't have to actually hear them yap their nonsense--just enjoy look at their bodies?

Women are different from men in some ways (not just the obvious). Not greatly different, but enough to give us a synergy if we work together. That slight difference in perspective can give us a more complete picture. Women need to understand that men are invaluable as well. If we move beyond stereotypes and into unity, there is much we will achieve. Not the least of which is a happier personal life.


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