Friday, March 09, 2007

Andersonian Principles

On God

1. God is the God of purpose, order, love, faith, hope, righteousness, and justice.
2. God is a good God. (Oral Roberts)
3. God does not care about fairness. Fairness is man’s substitute for God’s justice. (Steve Phillips)
4. God is patient.
5. God’s love is characterized by its redemptive nature.

On people
1. Friendship is the elixir of life.
2. Love and loyalty are the twin pillars of great human relationships.
3. Don’t judge people by their worst moments.
4. Every person is both a hero and a zero so feed the hero.
5. Expect the best from people; they might live up to it.

On Bureaucracy
1 The most important point of filling out a form is filling out the form in good faith.
2. It is better to fill out a form wrong than not fill it out.
3. Bureaucracies reward promptness more than competence.
4. The fuel of a bureaucracy is paperwork. It is the basis for evaluation, decisions, and actions.

On economics

1. All life is economics or politics.
2. Economics is the science of human choice.
3. The invisible hand of the markets is superior to the visible hand of bureaucracy.
4. We make choices because we can’t have everything.
5. The principle of scarcity is God’s way of limiting our depravity.

On Business

1. The purpose of business is business (Milton Friedman).
2. Profit is profitable to society.
3. Any proper business is a service to society.
4. A business is part of the community and should act like it.

On Politics

1. Politics is the art of human influence between people.
2. All organizational relationships are political.
3. In politics, you have your word, your friends, and your principles. Don’t go back on any of them.
4. It is better to take a side than be left alone.
5. The only one who drives in the middle of the road all the time is a drunk.


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