Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Today I reflect on the birth, life, and life changing power of the Lord Jesus. He is my Lord and my Friend. I am grateful for the love he shows me everyday.

I have studied the accounts in Mathew and Luke of His Birth this month. I am intrigued by the prophecy angle. God did not try to sneak up on us. has 324 distinct prophecies relating to his 1st coming. I have read all of them. It strikes me that God was trying to give an address to us so we would recognize Him. It started in Genesis and goes through Malachi. God did not want us to be deceived by imposters or miss the most important special delivery in history.

I call it an address because like an address. God was pinpointing the arrival of our Lord in the sea of humanity. If I say go find a person who will help you and he is somewhere in the world. You will not have a clue who I am talking about. If I say his name is President George W. Bush son of George H. W. Bush, he lives at 1600 Penn. Ave. in Washington D. C. and his chief of staff is Josh Bolton and his phone # is (202) 456-1414 ext. xxx, you would have something to work with. It would no longer be a mystery.

Well, our Lord was identified by name, place of birth, family lineage, time frame in history, special circumstances (virgin birth), mission, forerunner prophet, and hundreds of other clues given hundreds or even thousands before He was born. The odds of one person meeting these were identified as 1 to the 10 by 53 or some astronomical number. It was not a coincidence or an accident.

God is a god of purpose and planning. He was not surprised by the fall of man, and had a plan for redemption. This Christmas God is not surprised by anything in your life and already has a plan of victory. Christmas was a new beginning for humanity. Seek Him in with a new commitment and tonight can be a new beginning in your life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of this is a fabrication, a wish on your part so that you can believe you are right and will live forever. Ludicrous.

7:47 PM  
Blogger David said...

I thank anyone kind enough to respond to this blog. I disagree with this assertion. God did not give us the gift of faith to equal a the gift of stupidity. God is a god of purpose, truth, and love. God did not want us to be deceived. He gave us evidence for our faith so we would not go astray.

Happy New Year.

8:41 PM  

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