Friday, December 08, 2006

Renewing The GOP Majority

The Party had a rough year, but the undercurrent was not based upon a fundamental sea change in public opinion. We can reconnect with the public to form that “non-left majority” in Delaware elections.

We have a vigorous opponent in the other party and we must have an even more vigorous plan. We have fallen into a distinct disadvantage. Here are my suggestions to turn the situation to our advantage. Naturally, we do not abandon the 72 hour program, the expansion of the youth clubs (TAR’s and CR’s) and our media strategy. This is in addition to what we are already doing.

In Kent County and in the Ramone race, we fell victim to unanswered attacks. I propose establishing a volunteer core of a GOP Truth squad in each region as well as a county press spokesperson. This truth squad would call talk shows and write letters to the community and dominate papers, highlighting issues and correcting inaccuracies. It should be broad enough to allow multiple letters on an important topic. Truth squad people should have ready access to information from elected officials or candidates such as a number to campaign managers or an official or staffer. The community papers are as widely read in total as the News Journal.

Know the voters. In Rep. Nancy Wagner’s first race, some of us were able to identify 500 values democrats and were able to switch a couple of hundred. This turned out to be her margin of victory. We need to identify, through canvass and phone polling, independent voters and soft democrats by their own hot issue. Mailings and autodialers could be targeted by an issue (their issue) that will drive a person over to our candidates.
I recommend investing the 25k to do the phone part professionally.

We need to build the team.

Fundraising Art Auction—or other regionally appropriate fundraiser to get new people involved.

Family Fun Day/block parties with games, moon bounces, local bands, etc. It should also have Republican booths to sign up people to the meetings and our elected officials mixing with the crowd.

GOP youth day run by CR’s and TAR’s with support from the region. Local bands, food, and entertainment with active recruitment.

Structural change: We need to change our candidate search committees to be more representative with one person from each district in a region and two at large. It would ideally have ideological, gender, and ethnic diversity. We need local endorsements to go first through the district committees. Then the regional committee should vote on the recommendations. Some people would still complain, but the process would be open and transparent. It would more likely reflect the person’s talents as a candidate.

This part is beyond just the Party committee’s ability to achieve. We need a unified party platform-- our version of the contract. It would give us the ability to hammer an agenda for the next two years and change the discussion. We need people to be able to see voting republican makes a difference.

Here are my recommendations.
10 Point to renew the American Dream in Delaware

Protect Our Families
*A Delaware Jessica’s Law is needed to put child sexual predators away and stop the current revolving door of repeat offenders
*Increase grants to shelters that house victims of Domestic violence and set up a state police task force to monitor and enforce Protection From Abuse orders, and strengthen penalties for those who commit or threaten violence while under those orders.
*utilize grants from the federal marriage initiative.

*Tax reform establish a flat tax with a state earned income credit 1/4 of the federal.
*Eliminate gross receipt tax on goods manufactured but not retailed in Delaware.
*Revitalize our cities with enterprise zones and a real affordable housing strategy.
*Two year tax break for alternative energy facilities.

Return to Government of the People
A version of initiative and referendum at all levels of government.
A version of the open government initiative


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Naturally, we do not abandon the 72 hour program, the expansion of the youth clubs (TAR’s and CR’s) and our media strategy."

Where was the expansion of the youth clubs this year, as compared with 2004? There was no expansion. Charter HS doesn't have a TAR club anymore (if it does, i didn't see a single volunteer this time around), the CRs pumped out volunteers for everyone in 2004, this time only a small select few worked on the Ting campaign... no mass of volunteers like before. Also, remember the Young Republicans... those out of college but not old enough to run for President (35) yet.... what happened to that organization?

Same w/ the 72-hour plan... completely ineffective compared to past years. Volunteers were lacking in many parts, everything was consolidated to make it look better, when really things were worse. We were completely beaten by the Democrats in the GOTV effort.

The strategies for both ought not be abandoned, but serious changes should be made in order to make them effective

12:32 AM  
Blogger David said...

Thanks for the input! You make great points. I don't think we differ much in substance. I was not looking at just this year, and yes, we did add clubs this year (I helped some young people add one to DelState).

The problem was not the system of the 72 hour strategy. It was that we did not have votes to get out. That hurts even to write it, but it is almost true.

The Ting campaign did not excite many people and Wagner and Castle laid back this election. So who was going to get the CR's excited? The local candidates ignored them and they went about their lives. They are not offended if we don't seem to need them. They will sacrifice for us if we give them a reason too, but only if we do.

That is why part of my proposal has events targeted to the youth. The Party needs a vision to reenergize the troops. That isn't just the youth.

There was a fatigue this year among Republicans in most of the nation. That happens after 5 years of war and constant bombardment while our Congressional leaders seem to ignore our concerns until 6 months before the election.

What we need to do is get back on track so that this is a temporary setback not a long term realignment. The Dems missed that opportunity in '96 and it meant 12 years in the wilderness.

5:47 PM  

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