Sunday, December 17, 2006

The assualt on Marriage continues in our courts. N.J. legislators just caved to extremist N. J. Supreme Court and granted virtual marriage to gays and lesbians. At least the institution of holy matrimony is still undefiled by "social progressive" attempts to adapt it for the times in N. J. Mass. is still the only state on the outside. Maryland will be the next battlefield. Why all the fuss?

I would say an institution that has given strength to the civilization of humanity since primitive times must have something going for it. Marriage predated government, church, business, science, schools, and journalism. It seems to have predated even agriculture. Similar forms of marriage is found in both the most advanded and in the most isolated and remote cultures in the world. It is the basis for strong families raising successful children. It is the man and the women uniting to bring life, civilization, and continuity to humanity.

It was not created by government, it was hardwired by our Creator. It is not up for a vote. It is not subject to judicial review. It is a holy covenant not a social contract. It is not about making people feel good about themselves. It is about continuing humanity in a civilized, loving fashion.

The family is where character is formed. It is where values are forged. It is where our human dignity is discovered.

I believe we need to get back to the old pathways, which have made humanity great, and not risk maybe 100,000 years of progress which has enabled us to learn the greatness embedded in each of us.

I would say we need to worry less about people’s feelings and more about their needs. The founders of this great republic understood that we make policy for the good of posterity. Modern day liberals think we make policy for the next election. It is time we realize public policy is too important to based on whims and fads. It is time we started basing it upon the long term good of society.


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