Monday, December 18, 2006

The murder of cousin Alfred

This Thursday I heard of the discovery of the body of my recently missing cousin Alfred Clark. He was killed by an alleged drug dealer and dumped in the trash. His body was so mutilated that he had to be identified by fingerprints according to my sources. You could not even tell he was a teen. For more details see the news article on Delaware on line.

Alfred was a quiet kid. He was bright, kind, but a follower. For some reason he saw himself as weak because of his asthma. He sought to compensate for that by being around people he thought were strong. Sometimes those were the right people; sometimes those were the wrong people. He had so much to give, but now that treasure has been wasted. My heart is broken. I can barely type through my tears. The last time we spoke was over a year ago. I couldn't get him to see the light. He was a good student and a basically thoughtful person. He had potential many only dreamed of having. Now we see only the shadow of death. I am disgusted by the human verman pulling our kids into the criminal drug culture. When will we get these creeps out of our community? Mow I don't know that he was personally involved with any sort of drugs, but these are not people to spend time with. It only means trouble.

I was told during the city council campaigns that my stand against crime was stereotyping the neighborhood. I was told that if you don't bother the drug dealers they won't bother you. Well, I am bothered. His nine month pregnant twin sister is so bothered she had to be sedated. His family is bothered. The neighbors are bothered. The recent feeling of some progress in the community has been shaken badly. Quite frankly, I am more than bothered, I am angry.

This blight from hell is ripping apart our families, destroying the human potential, and dragging down our community. It has to stop.


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