Saturday, November 25, 2006

I have never been a fan of the U. S. being global cop. I tend to believe that we should aid those on the right side with supplies, training, inspiration, and weapons and only be involved militarily where our vital interests are at risk. Otherwise we will be involved in perpetual war like Great Britain of centuries ago. We will spend our blood and treasury on foreign adventure after foreign adventure while impoverishing the American worker and blooding the American psyche.

The problem with this war is that we have to win it. Maybe we should have let the inspectors have more time and targeted Sadaam and company for assignation. The truth is this war was likely inevitable except by a miracle. We could no longer allow in a post 9-11 world this base for terror and attacks on the U.S. military. (Iraq attacked coalition forces 450 times over the past 15 years and was involved with talks with Bin Laden's lackeys.) We now have proof that he had weapons of mass destruction programs and had just about everything for a nuke but the enriched uranium.

The same David Kaye report that could not find the mass stockpiles of weapons said in some ways Iraq was more dangerous than we thought.

The terrorists have made Iraq their cause celeb. They are on the run around the world thanks to us. This is their big chance to see if we will cut and run if the going gets tough. If we do they will take these tactics everywhere, including American malls and schools. They will burn our churches, bomb our schools, and shoot up our theaters. The specter of Islamofacism will haunt us until we exorcise fear and tolerance of failure from the American psyche.



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