Friday, July 04, 2008

39% of Americans think the Constitution doesn't restrict the government enough. Only 2% want to see government expanded. The rest think it is about right. 59% of people like to keep the Constitution as it is and only 5% want major changes. 1% would like to scrap it. The rest want minor changes. I am with the minor change group. I would like to see a few changes to protect us from the courts, and a spend thrift government.

What was even more interesting is that Americans in this Rasmussen Survey find an expansive government dangerous. While only a minority thought that true of a restricted government. I am encouraged this Independence Day. Americans seem to appreciate the gift of Liberty. We often hear the snake oil salesman of control trying to get us to trade our freedom for whatever solution they are peddling. It is nice to see that when the debate is framed freedom vs. control, Americans trust freedom.

The brilliance of the Founders in framing the Constitution makes me marvel. I am sure they had some Divine help in answer to their prayers. America was the first nation founded on the basis of the sovereignty of the people. That concept has changed the world.

Government is important. It exists to protect our Life, Liberty, and Property. After that everything else should be viewed with skepticism. Happy Independence Day.


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