Friday, March 02, 2007

News from the Sudan from Dr. Frist

My trip to Darfur is on my mind. The humanitarian situation there remains on the brink of crisis.
I am including links for two of my blog posts related to my trip into Darfur and a link to some video as well. See below.
Looking back, America was late in responding to Rwanda's call for help, the UN was late and close to an estimated 800,000 Rwandans died. Two hundred thousand have already died in Darfur. No more should die. Let’s mobilize to end it.
I encourage you to comment on my blog and let me me know what you think.
My blog post "In Sudan" provides background information on my trip. To view this blog post, please click here.
My blog post "Humanitarian Situation On Brink Of Crisis," discusses a deadly new trend in Sudan. To view this blog post, please click here.To view a video clip from my trip to Darfur, please click here. More to follow in the days ahead... Bill Frist, M.D.



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