Friday, July 03, 2009

It is almost Independence Day. Our Founders sought to give us a free nation rooted in Christian Principles. They succeeded. Now the secular mindset is undermining our heritage and threatening our freedoms. When a people no longer trust GOD, they look in vain to some other organizing force. The leftist fringe has made that an out of control, extra constitutional government.

It is why the Government is proposing to take over everything including our lives (health care), our liberty (CAFE, FACE, gun control, PC hate crimes restrictions, radical education, and more), and even our pursuit of happiness with its war on prosperity through higher taxes, energy restrictions, and neo-corporatism.

Rejecting this trend is vital. That is why I am intrigued with the 9/12 project. I am watching it to see if it goes in the right direction, but it sure has started with the right principles and values.


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