Friday, May 08, 2009

First the man proposes tripling our taxes with a single payer/player health scheme and now he thinks that taxpayers need to sacrifice more because it is unfair that state employees have to give back to balance the budget.javascript:void(0)

Rep. John Kowalko proposes massive tax increase in the gas tax, personal income tax, and just so that you don't have a job to pay those business and corporate taxes. The man is a walking job killer and a threat to the economic well being of Delawareans. At least he didn't buy into the temporary sales tax proposed by one of the unions just to insure we are ruined for years. These types of protect government at all costs proposals ignore the fact that State spending increased under Democrat rule with few checks. Efficiency and prioritization were not important factors. We ignored reforms in medicaid, education, employee benefits, corrections, and other areas. Now the Blue Hens have come home to roost.

Rep. John the taxpayer mugger Kowalko solution is to feather their roost with what little money you have left.



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