Friday, August 17, 2007

Is it off to Iraq for my unit?

Now that the senator has mentioned it to the press, I can confirm that my unit the 261st Signal Brigade of the Delaware Army National Guard is readying for deployment to Iraq.

What is noteworthy about its membership is that it includes AG Beau Biden who appears to have shunned transfering out. The unit will be locked this month coming (you can go in not out) so he appears to be willing to let what ever happens happen. For those who think I am a partisan (you may be right sometimes), mark this down. I have been impressed with the steadfastness of our Attorney General. He refuses to seek special treatment even though he is in a special circumstance (we have only one AG). I think no matter what happens he will be stronger as a statewide office holder. It takes courage to be willing to go when you are a true believer, but it takes honor and duty when you are not.

GOP pray that Beau doesn’t have to go so we don’t have to run against a war record (just kidding).

If he does get activated around the early primaries, I wonder how will that affect the flagging Biden campaign. Will it energize it in New Hampshire and South Carolina? Are the activists in the Democrat party so anti-war that nothing matters?

Oh, well next year I may be blogging from Iraq. I would like Perry and Jason to tell me then that I should believe them not my own eyes.

May God bless America.


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