Saturday, July 14, 2007

This week Senator Colin Bonini-R who represents Kent County’s 16th district, filed for the Republican nomination for Lt. Governor. This action allows him to build organization and raise money for a likely run. Senator Bonini has been well known over the years as fiscal watchdog. He has voted against every budget in which the spending exceeded inflation and population growth. While he was the lone hold out for years, now his stand is the majority position of the GOP senate caucus and has spread to some house members. He gave an exclusive interview to STOP. (
“I filed for Lt. Governor because we need a common sense conservative somewhere on the ticket”, he stated. We need to get our message out, and get another taxpayer advocate in statewide office, he continued. Senator Bonini has focused on a message of more freedom and less government intrusion in our lives since entering the state senate in 1995.
Our STOP chairman has called your stand against increased state spending over the years Churchillian, do you think people will respond? I like that analogy, Churchillian because before World War 2 Churchill stood almost alone warning the people of the problems ahead. This state is heading for big trouble if we don’t get our fiscal house in order, he stated. I want to take a message of common sense conservatism all across this state. If you do it in a postive, upbeat way, it will appeal to people who haven’t considered it. If people can find the messenger likeable, they will give him a chance.
Senator Bonini believes he can compliment whomever gets the GOP nomination. I hope I am fortunate enough to get nominated at the convention, he said. We need someone who will build the party for the future.
Senator Bonini entered elected politics in 1994 as the underdog in three way senate primary. He was outspend by multiples but won about half the vote or about as much as his opponents combinded. He went on to win a contentious general election where he was outspent almost 10 to 1 with a positive issue oriented message despite almost daily attacks launched against him. He won his last reelection bid with around 70% of the vote.
For those interested in contributing or getting more information contact:
Bonini for Lt. Governor276 Banning RoadCamden Wyoming, DE 19934


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