Saturday, April 29, 2006

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Slated for May 11
Fort Gillem, Ga…(May 1, 2001) First U. S. Army commander, Lt. Gen. John Riggs in a letter to the command urges everyone to remember Military Spouse Appreciation Day, designated for May 11.To all in First U.S. Army:
President Ronald Reagan proclaimed Military Spouse Appreciation Day in 1984. The official celebration date has been designated as the Friday before Mother's Day each year. This year we will recognize and applaud the efforts of military spouses on May 11, 2001.
As soldiers, we get caught up in the daily activities that characterize our modern military life. We often overlook opportunities to express our gratitude to those who support us and make untold sacrifices in support of our military profession. Frequently, the importance of our spouses' contribution and sacrifices are overlooked, taken for granted, or go unappreciated. While our soldiers have faced increased deployments and longer family separations, spouses have remained behind to "hold down the fort". Through dedication and care they meet the challenges of job, family and home while their loved one is absent. They represent a true "combat multiplier" for our Army.
Military spouses are a uniquely adaptable group of talented men and women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They are required to be ambassadors to the world in the truest sense of the word, and they do, as a whole, represent our country well.On this day and throughout the year, let us take the time to express appreciation to these wonderful individuals. They enhance and enrich our lives and those of our families, and indeed our Army. Not sure where we would be without them, but it surely would not be where we are now!
I encourage all soldiers and those who support our Army to join together in recognizing our military spouses on 11 May. Our husbands and wives deserve recognition and our sincerest appreciation for their strength, unity, patriotism and support. I join all in saying thanks to those who are truly the "wind beneath our wings"!.............Lt. Gen. John Riggs


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